Machining Surfaces on Stamping Press Component

Columbia Machine Works machined the surfaces on this stamping press component to “clean-up,” ensuring the surfaces were suitable for accommodating other machined parts that fit into the press assembly. We are dedicated to finding the most effective repair for your press, from both a production and cost standpoint, in the most time sensitive manner possible.

Connecting Rod Fabrication

Columbia Machine Works fabricated and machined this stamping press connecting rod from stock material to get a stamping customer back into production quickly.

Machining Stamping Press Ram

Columbia Machine Works re-machined surfaces on the inside and outside of this ram for a large stamping press. The work was performed on a large CNC horizontal boring mill.

Emergency Press Repair Work for Automotive Stamping Customer

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Our customer had a critical-to-production die with a crack in it, which was only going to get worse if something wasn’t done quickly. On the other hand, our customer could not afford to have their press out of service for more than a few days (was costing them millions of dollars per day to be out of service). So, over …

Stamping Press Components Repair

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CMW machined the ram square, machined the nut housings to reduce clearance, made new brass main bearings and drive line bearings, rebuilt the clutch, brake and flywheel, and made ten inch thick riser plates and extended the tiebars to make the die space larger.