CNC Precision Machining

Columbia Machine Works has one of the largest CNC machine shops in the southeastern United States. Our equipment includes: 5 horizontal boring mills (3 CNC), 2 vertical turning lathes (1 CNC with live tooling for turning and milling), 8 turning lathes (5 CNC), and 5 CNC vertical milling centers. Our largest CNC milling capacity includes 138" in X axis travel by 118" in Y axis travel, with a 22 ton table capacity. The largest CNC turning capacity we have includes 38" of swing by 240" between centers. Additionally, we can conventionally turn up to 55" of swing by 240" between centers. Finally, our CNC vertical turning capability includes 94.5" maximum swing, with a 78.75" table. Every component that leaves our facility is quality-checked throughout the project process, from the time material arrives at our shop, to the time the finished piece is being inspected for shipment. When required, Columbia Machine Works has a Faro portable CMM available for inspecting parts for quality. Additionally, a mechanical engineer is on staff if a project requires engineering support. 

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