Stamping Press Repair

Columbia Machine Works' Stamping Press Repair Department is dedicated to keeping customer machinery in production. Our machinists have years of experience machining: connecting rods, press frames, gibbs, counterbalances, clutches (clutch conversions offered), brakes, rams, crankshafts, crowns, as well as the maintenance of hydraulic/lubrication systems and much more. CMW’s press team has dedicated CNC machinery for working on press components to achieve shorter lead times. The press department is housed in a large, clean bay with 50 tons of overhead crane capacity, suitable for repair and assembly of machinery equipment. CMW offers press inspection services to customers who wish to ensure expert preventative maintenance is being performed on their machines. Our crews can diagnose and correct maintenance issues at a customer’s facility, and bring machinery and parts back to the CMW facility if necessary, where machining, fabrication, assembly, and painting/coating can be performed all under one roof. We have many years of experience diagnosing and correcting maintenance issues utilizing unconventional methods. Our machine shop gives us the capability of supplying after-market parts for presses that are no longer offered by the OEM. Please give us a call if you need to get your equipment running again!

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