Heavy-Duty Stamping Press Repair Project

An example of one of our heavy-duty in-house stamping press repair project. 300 ton press, ~70,000 pounds gross weight. Columbia Machine Works does a full rebuild of components to bring the press back to customer spec. This equipment was rebuilt in our Stamping Press Repair bay, a facility equipped with (x2) 25 ton overhead cranes. We are well-equipped for rebuild …

600 Ton Stamping Press Repair & Rebuild

This is a 600 ton stamping press that Columbia Machine Works repaired and rebuilt. This machine was disassembled by CMW technicians who then determined what parts needed to be repaired and replaced. The machine then was re-assembled. quality-checked, and shipped back to the customer in proper working order.

Refurbishing Large Stamping Press

Columbia Machine Works has many years of experience in repairing, maintaining, and refurbishing stamping presses. We have a dedicated facility for repairs and field crews available for on-site maintenance.