Crankshaft Post-Machining

Pictured is a crankshaft for a stamping press that was machined on one of our lathes. CMW has the capability to machine new replacement components for your machinery. We have experience accommodating customers who lack drawings for their project and can only provide a sample; moreover, our machine shop can supply parts that are no longer produced for your machinery.

Machining Sizable Press Frame on CNC Boring Mill

Pictured is a heavy stamping press frame being machined on one of our large CNC boring mills. We have many years of experience machining a variety of large and small stamping press components.

Assembly of Large Eccentric Shaft for Stamping Press

CMW machined new bushings for this large eccentric shaft as well as other components belonging to this stamping press. The press was then assembled in-house at CMW’s facility. At CMW, the bigger the better – we can handle your large or bulky projects. Get in touch with us today if you need qualified stamping press maintenance technicians!