Machining New Die Casting Machine Component

Columbia Machine Works machined this die casting machine component per OEM print specs. We have the capability to repair and rebuild all models and sizes of die casting machines, with the added ability to make new components per OEM spec for difficult-to-source and obsolete parts.

Machining Repaired Tie Bar

This is a tie bar from a 1000 ton injection molding machine being machined on one of CMW’s CNC horizontal boring mills. This tie bar was repaired in-house by CMW.

Die Casting Machine Linkage Repair and Rebuild

Columbia Machine Works rebuilt this linkage for a die casting machine. The linkage was first disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. We then removed all of the bushings and line-bored the linkage bores to bring them back to spec. New pins and bushings were machined to match the bores, then the linkage was re-assembled and painted. Die casting and injection molding machinery …

Refurbishing 15″ Diameter Tie Bar for a Die Casting Machine

Pictured is one of the larger size of tie bars (15″ diameter) that we refurbish in our largest CNC lathe. Everything you see in this photo was machined new by Columbia Machine Works onto an existing tie bar that had broken. New tie bars, as well as most any die casting or injection molding machine components, are expensive to replace. …