Example of Large Turnkey Project

Columbia Machine Works, Inc. was tasked by a customer in Florida to manufacture a large test bed at our facility. This project was completely turnkey, with CMW taking part in the design implementation/engineering, fabrication, machining, painting/coating, and assembly- which was completed fully in-house. CMW’s project management and engineering staff worked closely with the customer through several revisions of the project concept. When the design concept was complete, CMW’s engineering staff created a 3D model in the Inventor software program to use as a reference to create and distribute shop drawings. The test bed was formed and fabricated in CMW’s large fabrication facility and then sent to the machine shop to be machined. During the manufacture, CMW ensured project quality using its in-process inspection program QM1. After machining was completed, components were sent to the painting/coating shop to be prepared for final assembly. The test bed was fully assembled by CMW’s staff in our clean assembly bay, which is equipped with 50 tons of overhead cranes. The overhead crane capacity was fully utilized as the test bed weighed in excess of 100,000 lbs. After assembly, the project was given a final inspection and then shipped from the CMW facility to the customer in Florida. Get in contact with us today about your project, we would be excited to provide you with exemplary service!

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