Vibratory Stress Relieving Large Industrial Shaft

Pictured is a large, machined industrial shaft being vibratory stress-relieved by Columbia Machine Works. Vibratory stress relieving is a vital service offered by Columbia Machine Works to ensure that the final dimensions are correct on parts with multiple processes.

Refurbishing Large Stamping Press

Columbia Machine Works has many years of experience in repairing, maintaining, and refurbishing stamping presses. We have a dedicated facility for repairs and field crews available for on-site maintenance.

Magnetic Particle Testing

A Columbia Machine Works quality inspector performs a magnetic particle test on a machined component.

Refurbishing 15″ Diameter Tie Bar for a Die Casting Machine

Pictured is one of the larger size of tie bars (15″ diameter) that we refurbish in our largest CNC lathe. Everything you see in this photo was machined new by Columbia Machine Works onto an existing tie bar that had broken. New tie bars, as well as most any die casting or injection molding machine components, are expensive to replace. …

Scrap Tub Modification

Columbia Machine Works is assisting in improving the design and function of these scrap tubs via an actuator system which will take the place of the existing manually-operated process. In addition, we rebuilt the chute doors to get them back in parallel. This design will not only be an improvement on the efficiency of the system, but more importantly the …

Fabricated Replacement Component

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On a nearly daily basis, we receive requests from customers to fabricate replacement parts for their machinery that are impossible to still get from the OEM. In these cases, all Columbia Machine Works has to work with, so to speak, is the broken piece of equipment that the customer ships to us and asks “can you make this?” Pictured below …

Emergency Press Repair Work for Automotive Stamping Customer

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Our customer had a critical-to-production die with a crack in it, which was only going to get worse if something wasn’t done quickly. On the other hand, our customer could not afford to have their press out of service for more than a few days (was costing them millions of dollars per day to be out of service). So, over …

Stamping Press Components Repair

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CMW machined the ram square, machined the nut housings to reduce clearance, made new brass main bearings and drive line bearings, rebuilt the clutch, brake and flywheel, and made ten inch thick riser plates and extended the tiebars to make the die space larger.