Vibratory Stress Relieving Large Industrial Shaft

Pictured is a large, machined industrial shaft being vibratory stress-relieved by Columbia Machine Works. Vibratory stress relieving is a vital service offered by Columbia Machine Works to ensure that the final dimensions are correct on parts with multiple processes.

Structural Weldment w/ Machining

Pictured is a heavy structural weldment Columbia Machine Works fabricated and welded in-house. This workpiece also had mounting surfaces that were machined on our largest CNC horizontal boring mill.

Large Industrial Shaft

Pictured is a large industrial shaft Columbia Machine Works machined. These are machined on our largest CNC lathe as well as one of our CNC horizontal boring mills.

Machining Repaired Tie Bar

This is a tie bar from a 1000 ton injection molding machine being machined on one of CMW’s CNC horizontal boring mills. This tie bar was repaired in-house by CMW.