Machining Sizable Press Frame on CNC Boring Mill

Pictured is a heavy stamping press frame being machined on one of our large CNC boring mills. We have many years of experience machining a variety of large and small stamping press components.

Repaired Tie Bar Receiving an Ultrasound Test

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Pictured is a repaired tie bar that CMW fabricated and machined receiving an ultrasound test to ensure repairs were successful. One of our core strategies is to provide expert assistance to customers with machinery breakdowns and to get them back into production as quickly as possible.

Die Cast Platen Machining

CMW has been machining die cast components for nearly 6 decades. We have many years of experience machining die cast platens, tie bars, bushings, split and half tie bar nuts, and much more. Pictured is a platen that Columbia Machine Works, Inc. machined utilizing our largest CNC horizontal table-type boring mill. Die cast platens can easily weigh in excess of …

Example of Large Turnkey Project

Columbia Machine Works, Inc. was tasked by a customer in Florida to manufacture a large test bed at our facility. This project was completely turnkey, with CMW taking part in the design implementation/engineering, fabrication, machining, painting/coating, and assembly- which was completed fully in-house. CMW’s project management and engineering staff worked closely with the customer through several revisions of the project …

Repaired Tie Bar

Columbia Machine Works, Inc. has decades of experience repairing broken tie bars, in fact, customers from as far away as California send us their tie bars as a result of our reputation of providing expedient and expert repair services. We have the capability to restore your broken tie bar to original operating condition and, through our in-process inspection procedures, we …